Welcome to Viewdoo

​Viewdoo is an anti-fog/anti-static glass cleaner. We've made three easy to use formulations, Viewdoo-Gel, Viewdoo-Spray, and Viewdoo-Drop. Unlike other multi-surface cleaners, there are no harmful chemicals. Use the "Doo" to improve your view!

Viewdoo Applications

Safe on PRESCRIPTION lenses

Not harmful to eyes or skin


Paintball Masks & Goggles

Swimmers' Goggles

Computer Screens

Lab Technician Safety Glasses

Ice Hockey Masks & Glasses

​​Binoculars & Rifle Scopes

Helmet Shields

Snow Skier Glasses

Military Masks & Goggles

Snow Mobilers Helmet Shields

Eyeglasses / Sunglasses

Scuba Divers' Masks

Industrial Safety Glasses

Motorcycle Helmet Shields

Racquet Ball/Squash Ball Eyewear

Cell Phone Screens


I wear glasses and am an essential worker, so I have to wear a mask all day at work. I got so tired of my glasses fogging up every time I took a breath because of my mask that I decided to buy this gel to try. I’m so glad I did! It’s made such a difference! Now I can keep my mask on and see clearly while I work all day long. I recommend this to anyone who has to wear glasses during this pandemic.

Wilson L. McDonald

I used to clean my windows and mirrors with just the cheapest glass cleaner I could find, but not anymore! I used this once at a friend’s house, and fell in love. I bought some for myself and said goodbye smudges and streaks!

Pauline H. Hartsock

Good product! Its affordable and I like how long the small bottle lasts.

Eva P. Campbell

I have transition lenses, and I had a difficult time finding a product safe to use, until Viewdoo came around; Thank you Viewdoo.

Daniel G. Dupree

Great Product! It can clean electronic screens and coated glasses lenses. It helped get rid of tough headed dirt and dust. I would recommend this product!

Sarah D. Smith

I bought this on a whim and now I use it on everything! My bathroom mirror, phone screen, sunglasses, you name it! It’s my new go-to cleaner.

Tanya J. Snyder

My wife bought this for my car mirrors. I didn’t expect it to help so much but it's actually pretty great. I have much better visibility in the rain now.

William Taylor

My mechanic recommended this spray for my old work truck. The truck doesn’t have anti-fog settings or great wiper blades, so this really helps with visibility. Water rolls right off and its cut down on the fog on cold mornings.

James D. Howard