Viewdoo-Spray (2 oz) - 1 for $14.99 or 4 for $29.99 w/free viewdoo cloth

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1 for $14.99 or 4 for $29.99 w/ Micro Fiber Towel


Viewdoo-Spray goes a long way! Use our spray on all your bigger surfaces. It's a long lasting anti-fog for full face helmets, wind shields, mirrors, and more.  The spray also works incredibly well as an anti-static for computer and television screens.

DIRECTIONS:  Spray surface once or twice, depending on size, and use fingers to spread evenly across the entire surface. Once the liquid dries you will see the treated surface become hazy. It is at that point that using a non-abrasive, soft, dry towel, you should buff off the Viewdoo to reveal a clean anti fog surface! YES! Viewdoo-Spray is approved for use on LCD and Plasma screens as well! Once applied, our spray treatment will keep surfaces clean for an average of SEVEN DAYS!